Enter the Empyrean

Initial Offering Sale (IDO)

On Dec 26th, 8 PM PST, we’ll be offering EMPYR to our early supporters (whitelisted addresses) at an initial price of $10 (roughly $1.1m market cap) over a period of 24hrs.

  • Total EMPYR tokens being offered: 100k, initial price $10

Public Sale

Through our public sale we will be selling the remaining EMPYRs from the IDO pre-sale to all within the community who want to purchase at a fair price.

If our IDO pre-sale raises $500k, we will have 50k EMPYR remaining to be sold, we will set a fair price for the token and make the sale public to all.

price = 2^(1/UR) * initial_price

EMPYR Token Economics

The amount we raise from our initial pre-sale and public sale will be used to fund treasury initially, bootstrap EMPYR liquidity, and cover development costs so far.

  • 40% goes to the Treasury
  • 40% goes to bootstrapping initial liquidity for EMPYR
  • 20k tokens (team) (only 25% of team tokens will be liquid on launch to fast-track the vesting period initially but none of them will be sold for the coming months before clear milestones are hit, rest will be linearly vested over a year)
  • 0–25k tokens minted to DAO, all of which will be used to bootstrap initial liquidity for EMPYR
  • 2.5k tokens, airdrop to the community (more details below)
pub_price = 2 ^ (1 / UR) * 10
x * pub_price = 0.4 * amount

Rewarding early ecosystem users (the airdroooooper)

We are long term inclined with Aurora and Near and think there’s massive growth potential in this ecosystem. We decided to reward some of the early users of Aurora, in particular users of Trisolaris (the first DEX on aurora).


We have discussed a lot of important items, next comes our roadmap! *Note that there will be a separate blog post covering our launch strategy and roadmap in detail which we’ll publish around the time of our IDO.

Dec 26th — 28th

  • IDO Pre-sale | IDO Public sale

Jan 5th, 2022

  • Going live 💫!

Jan — Feb’22

  • Forming a proper DAO structure and creating a governance forum
  • Integrations, new and exotic bond pairs (yield generating assets, cross-chain LPs)
  • Treasury diversification and deployment to high yield generating strategies (eg, deploying USDC to USDC-USDT farm on Sushi, etc.)
  • More utility of staked EMPYR in the Aurora ecosystem
  • PoL as service (Olympus Pro)
  • Audits and Partnerships
  • Hiring additional people

March — April’22

  • Upgrading to Olympus v2 and offering more interesting bond mechanics (subject to when OHM v2 itself comes out)
  • Fully on-chain governance with voting made live
  • Creating bounties for strategies proposals to the DAO and deploying treasury into best of chosen strategies


We have spent a good chunk of time understanding OHM and Wonderland’s contracts in depth and we are not just copy pasting the contracts blindly. We understand how the system works.

  • @thund3rcat: Smart Contract Dev, has worked on multiple DeFi apps in the past (one of which currently has over $100m in TVL).
  • @artemisparody: Full Stack Engineer, interned at one of the top Big Tech companies and currently working in the crypto space.
  • A Full Stack Dev: Oldest guy in our team, worked at Microsoft for 5 years, very anti-social and just likes to code.
  • @pulpfiction: Part time hacker, who is also one of our mod. He hacks around Discord and manages day to day tasks very well. Currently a CS Undergrad.
  • @Joust: Fortune 50 IT Executive with delivery and operations, and supporting multiple crypto NFT/DeFi projects.
  • @basedprince: DeFi knowledgeable mod and contributor on several high profile fork projects.



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Empyrean DAO

Empyrean DAO

The Decentralized Reserve Currency on Aurora